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Lena Fulfillment is a 3rd party logistic
and Online business Management company.

About Lena Fulfillment

At Lena Fulfillment, we pride ourselves on intelligent storage, packaging, shipping, and marketing strategies on behalf of your business. Our team comprises experts in every aspect of the supply chain, including warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, and more.

You gain a partner dedicated to your business’s continuity and growth by working with our team. That’s because we base our success on the success of our clients.

With competitive pricing, more efficient processes, and top-tier customer service, Lena Distribution has become one of the leading 3rd party shipping companies in the logistics industry. That’s why we boast one of the industry’s highest customer retention and satisfaction rates.

Work with our team, and you’ll discover why Lena is the trusted name to know for fulfillment.

Our Mission
At Lena Fulfillment, our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled service and speed that they can depend on.

Our Core Values
Transparency -throughout the entire storage, transport, and delivery process
Attention to Detail – handling your products with care
Integrity – always embracing honesty, doing what’s suitable for our clients at all times
Customer Service – treating everyone we work with like family

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Are you ready for a supply partner with a vested interest in your success? Work with our Lena Fulfillment team today, and let’s discover how we can make your supply chain more efficient together.

Advanced Transportation Solutions!

Combining Transport with Top-Tier Technology!

Lena Fulfillment combines market leading technology with our intricate network of 3PL, warehousing, logistics, shipping, and inventory management. In turn, we optimize shipping services while offering our clients unparalleled accuracy with tracking. Our experienced logistics team ensures end-to-end fulfillment services from inventory to procurement.

Competitive Pricing for Forward-Leaning Companies

Trust, Integrity, & Transparency throughout our Entire Operations

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Specializing in eCommerce B2C, B2B,
and Cross-Docking Order Fulfillment

The Lena Advantage!

Our expansive warehousing and fulfillment capabilities are built for scalability.

Within our spacious warehouse facilities, we use advanced technology to strategically place pallets, allowing us to expeditiously locate, prepare, and send out your items in a moment’s notice.


Fast, Efficient


As one of the leading 3rd party shipping companies, we support businesses large and small with comprehensive coverage for all of their needs regard to shipping service. Nationwide and in select international locations, we provide partners with reliable, streamlined 3rd party warehouse management service and supply chain.