3PL Logistics & Warehousing

Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.


At Lena Fulfillment, we pride ourselves on providing business owners with everything they need to stay on top of their inventory. Our versatile online tracking system is incorporated with our entire Third Party Logistics (3PL) suite. Through this robust portal, our clients can gain valuable insight to know precisely how many of their products remain, where they are located, and how fast we can ship them.

From kit reconfigurations to optimized storage, our team provides comprehensive fulfillment services and shipping services to ensure that deliveries arrive as expected and on time. We use industry- leading storage solutions to ensure that we have full access to our clients’ inventory at any time for fast and reliable out-processing.

You always maintain complete control of your products or materials when you store your inventory at Lena Fulfillment. We are simply an agent that exists to serve your unique needs. No matter what these needs are, we are ready and able to adjust to a wide range of storage requests.

3PL Product & Material Storage

Regarding your supply chain, you need a partner who understands storage optimization. By working with Lena Fulfillment, you can place a high level of trust and confidence in our ability to:

  • Use technology to provide more accurate tracking
  • Handle your products with care and protection
  • Provide packaging that meets your aesthetic and storage goals
  • Manage inventory with dependable solutions
After years of experience, Lena Fulfillment has helped countless clients offload the above responsibilities, allowing them to focus more on their core competencies.

Intelligent Online Solutions

Tech integration is essential to improving operating efficiency and decision-making. When clients understand exactly how much inventory they have in stock, they can allocate resources, make information-driven investments, and pivot to achieve their goals. Our 3PL online platform enables clients to:

  • Quickly see how much inventory they have remaining
  • Track shipping and expected delivery timelines
  • Provide investors with reliable inventory data
  • Integrate with their eCommerce site to offer customers accurate stock quantities
  • Access readily available and intuitive spreadsheets with inventory data

When you entrust Lena Fulfillment with your storage needs, you gain unprecedented control over your entire product line and efficient parcel shipping. In turn, you position yourself to save capital on

inefficient inventory management, allowing you to scale your business by investing in your core operations.

Streamlined Product Returns

Often, eCommerce sites and retailers alike become bottlenecked through customer returns. Reverse logistics are our specialty at Lena Fulfillment, providing your business peace of mind and cost savings. Products can be returned for several reasons, including:

  • Gift returns
  • Product malfunctions
  • Shipping damage
  • Unmet expectations
  • Improper fitting
  • Shifting customer tastes

Product returns are a hassle that can preoccupy your team with conducting their day-to-day routines with fluency. When you outsource your returns to Lena Fulfillment, you gain a partner that provides comprehensive coverage for your returns. We start our reverse logistics process well before any returns are placed, maintaining a dedicated space that is offset from our core operating areas. Next, we take returns directly to our warehouse, determining if the product is unused and can be returned to the supply chain. We return damaged products directly to our clients for repair, maintaining smooth operations throughout the process.

Efficient Packaging Services

We offer on-site packaging solutions at Lena Fulfillment to handle custom client orders. This is especially useful for eCommerce websites that need a dependable fulfillment partner who understands unit-level retail shipping. We keep your packaging on site, pulling inventory from our palletized area after placing an order. In doing so, we ensure that each customer receives the perfect quantity, quality, and handling to meet their expectations. Here’s how our services help clients:

  • eCommerce integration throughout the entire ordering process
  • Comprehensive inventory control, monitoring, and delivery
  • Versatile packaging solutions to support retail and eCommerce operations
  • Inside access through our 3PL online platform for data and decision making
  • 360° online support to ensure continuity of access and service
  • Compliant shipping to meet the rules and regulations of your unique industry